Paleo-Tech Student Field Osteometric Board

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  • 2nd in the trilogy of ultra affordable osteometric instruments is the Student Field Osteometric Board (after the Student Spreading Caliper)
  • Accurate to .5mm
  • Manufactured of 1/4" Black Laser Etched Acrylic.  This is the same exact pattern as the Field Osteometric Board, but with a narrower measuring surface and no integrated vertical measuring planes.  
  • The .5mm graduated side of the scale is does not stand out as clearly as the thicker 1mm side of the scale, but if you may backfill the scale with standard white acrylic paint if you wish.
  • You provide the vertical measuring surfaces, hard cover books, wooden blocks, anything square or rectangular in shape will do.
  • Splits into two pieces for portability
  • This is about as bare bones as you can get, but you absolutely WILL BE able to get accurate long bone measurements.  No one will want to measure more than a handful of individuals as you need to be careful with positioning your measuring surfaces, but with a little ingenuity, you can pair this board with the right blocks and you will be surprised at what can be accomplished.
  • Furnished with carrying case (bubble envelope)
  • Please excuse the poor photos, better images will be uploaded soon