Paleo-Tech PaleoCal-1 (Currently Unavailable)

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Full Range Measurement on both Horizontal and Vertical Axis. 250mm+ Horizontal Analog Scale. + 70mm to -50mm Vertical Swiss Made Digital Scale.

Jaw Geometry Allows the PaleoCal-1 to Function as a Coordinate Caliper, Simometer, and Traditional Caliper.

Indexing of Coordinate allows Recording of Subtense along the Horizontal Plane. Vertical Scale can be Zeroed at any Point.

Strong yet Light Weight Construction. Composed of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze and Brass, the PaleoCal-1 Weighs in at just under 14 oz.

Includes Padded High Impact Plastic Carrying Case.

Full Lifetime Warranty Support to Include Repair or Replacement in Case of Accidental Damage.